eatersmap – can I eat this?

Eatersmap is a real-time ingredient scanner that helps you make informed decisions about the food you eat, based on your personal food filters. We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences, so our app allows you to create your own personal food filters.

Not limited by barcode data this app works on all foods with an English food label.

When should you use eatersmap?
  1. Shopping at the supermarket - Scan the food label at the supermarket to detect ingredients you would like to avoid
  2. Ordering food online - Scan the food label on the screen to detect ingredients you would like to avoid.


Download eatersmap on App Store and let us help you make everyday food shopping easier.

Very easy to use!

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to use eatersmap.


Select your filters, with what you want to avoid.
Then scan a foods ingredientlist and find out if it contrains ingredients you would like to avoid
eatersmap - Almond

eatersmap - Aspartame

eatersmap - Azo dye
Azo dye

eatersmap - Brazil nut
Brazil nut

eatersmap - Carrageen

eatersmap - Cashew

eatersmap - Citric acid
Citric acid

eatersmap - Coconut

eatersmap - Consistency agent
Consistency agent

eatersmap - E-numbers from animals
E-numbers from animals

eatersmap - Egg

eatersmap - Fish

eatersmap - Hazelnut

eatersmap - Macadamia

eatersmap - Milk

eatersmap - Mustard

eatersmap - Palm oil
Palm oil

eatersmap - Peanut

eatersmap - Pistachio

eatersmap - Shellfish

eatersmap - Soya

Q & A

The reason we restrict users from adding their own ingredients/filters is to ensure accuracy in scanning. Different ingredients may have various names, and if the user does not enter all these names, the scanning may show incorrect results. To maintain accuracy, we allow only nutritionists and database developers to make selections.
You can use the app on all products that have an English ingredient label.
We cannot guarantee that and neither can any other similar app. Therefore, we recommend double-checking the product if you have a severe allergy, when the app does not show any warnings.
Our app doesn't base its results on stand alone single keyword. For instance, "Citrit" and "citric acid" are not synonymous, and "no gluten" is different from "gluten". We take a comprehensive approach to ingredient analysis, examining the full name for improved accuracy.